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Havre de Grace still rated one of America’s best small towns

Havre de Grace Maryland moves up a notch

ladiesnight1Havre de Grace can add another honor to its list of recognitions for its downtown and waterfront. Not only has the Smithsonian recognized Havre de Grace, Maryland as a great and historic town but so has rated the town as the 11th best small town downtown in America, in a list of 50 such town centers. It has been recognized Havre de Grace’s “long boardwalk” and the lighthouse at Concord Point, and the downtown area as “an excellent place to eat, shop or just relax.” Certainly they must have stopped into Prices Seafood Restaurant for a serving of Maryland Blue Crabs. Or stopped at the Blue Heron for the perfect gift.

Havre de Grace was ranked 12th on that list last year.

Brigitte Peters, marketing and tourism manager for the city, said it is great for the city to be recognized, especially by an online source, with “how active the Internet is.”  She also noted that consideration the previous Smithsonian ranking.

“I think these things all kind of culminate and come together overall,” she said. “We are in some very nice company.”

Peters added the ranking offers a way for people who have not experienced the city to get a better idea of it.

The city’s recognitions “won’t dwindle away,” she predicted, and it will keep climbing to 10 or even higher.

“It’s getting up there,” Peters said about Havre de Grace.  I bet she eats at Prices Seafood too.

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